Developer's Guide to Imperial Valley

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The Developer’s Guide to Imperial Valley is a digest of the regulations and procedures that you are most likely to encounter when siting facilities in the Imperial Valley. It is designed to help you understand the review and permit process that is required of all development activity. It is intended to provide information about our regulatory processes to eliminate uncertainties and assist in the development of your project in a more timely fashion.  The Imperial Valley is a vibrant region that seeks both new construction and the renovation of our existing structures. The Developer’s Guide is part of an eort to assist you with your development. The goal is to reduce the regulatory burden on developers while fulfilling the County’s obligation to protect the public welfare. Naturally, all conditions that you may encounter on your project cannot be anticipated. As such this guide should only be used as a reference. At the end of this publication, there is a list of those agencies and departments available to assist you and answer your questions. The Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is another key resource within the region, and is available to help with navigating the development process across agencies and departments.  


The Developer’s Guide to Imperial Valley was prepared by Imperial Valley EDC, Cleantech San Diego and San Diego Regional EDC in partnership with Imperial Valley Planning & Development Services Department, Air Pollution Control District, Imperial Irrigation District Energy and Water Departments, Public Health Department, Public Works and the County Fire Department. Funding for the Guide’s creation was provided by the California Energy Commission and California Workforce Investment Board’s Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity II (RICO) grant, in an effort to promote biofuel and biorenewables projects in the region.  This document is to be utilized solely as a reference.


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