StateBook International

 is the first online marketplace for site selection and economic growth and development. IVEDC partners with StateBook to provide clients and local businesses with the the ideal database for conducting competitive market analyses and finding the latest statistics for the region. StateBook holds comprehensive information on regional demographics, housing costs, income, industrial growth, transportation, utlitity providers, and more.

Site selectors may confidentially search and compare locations by county, MSA, or EDO, and create detailed reports using StateBook's data aggregated from dozens of reliable, independent, third-party databases. Site Selectors may also anonymously contact IVEDC directly through StateBook to ask questions and request additional information.

Promote your business to companies seeking to expand or relocate from around the world.

Advertise on StateBook to let site selection experts and companies know about the valuable products and services your business provides. Whether your focus is local or national, StateBook provides the perfect platform to reach our highly targeted audience:

  • Site selection experts
  • Companies seeking to expand or relocate in the U.S. domestically and from around the world
  • Economic development organizations (EDOs) promoting their communities to the site selection experts and companies seeking to expand or relocate


Fifty percent of advertising revenue on StateBook is shared with IVEDC, helping to support our efforts to promote the community, build jobs and boost the local economy.

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