California Manufacturing Network

IVEDC is a proud member of California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) California Manufacturing Network. California's Manufacturng Network (CMN) was formed by CMTC to expand capabilities and capacity to efficiently serve small and medium-sized manufacturers statewide. This network delivers services that address the regional challenges driven by a diverse manufacturing community. The network is a collaboration of more than 25 partners forcused on serving manufacturers in rural and urban areas statewide. CMN has increased the number of manufacturers served to more than 1,300 companies annually, which adds significant economic impact for manufacturers and the state. 

CMTC offers weekly no-cost trainings and webinars on an array of topics for manufacturers. See the full schedule here: Weekly No-Cost Trainings and Webinars.

Is your company compliant with California's new Harassment Avoidance Training Law? California State Bill (SB) 1343 mandates that all employers with 5 or more employes must provide harassment avoidance training. Take advantage of these no-cost sessions in English and Spanish.

June Harassment Avoidance Training Schedule:

CMTC offers no-cost resources for companies affecte by COVID-19. For one-on-one counseling, check out COVID-19 Resources for Manufacturers.

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