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Imperial County, California is an untapped opportunity for the data center industry. Coupled with lowest in the state energy rates, abundant and inexpensive Colorado River water resources, low cost land, fiber connectivity and low natural disaster risk, Imperial County is assuredly the next best location for your data center. As Imperial County leads the state in renewable energy resources, data centers will also have the opportunity to procure green reliable power.


· Energy Rates

The Imperial Irrigation District is currently able to offer the lowest known rates in the State of California at 9.3 ¢ per kwh with additional discounts under the economic development rate structure for users of more than 500kw loads.

· Water Rates & Availability

Imperial Irrigation District holds senior water rights to 3.1 million acre-feet (1 acre-foot = 325,853 gallons) of Colorado River water, which comprises over 70% of California’s legal entitlement from the river. The Imperial Irrigation District has a set aside of 25,000 acre-foot of water for industrial use of which only 1,200 acre-feet has been allocated to date. The industrial rate for water in Imperial County is $80 per acre-foot or 24¢ per 1000 gallons (0.00024¢ per gallon).

· Renewable Energy

Imperial County currently leads the State of California in renewable energy production from sources such as:

  • Solar (2000 MW)
  • Geothermal (700 MW)
  • Wind (265 MW) 
  • Biomass (46 MW) 
  • Hydroelectric (8 MW)

Additionally, there is approximately 2000 MW’s of solar currently permitted and seeking your power purchase agreement (PPA) as well as 1300 MW’s of untapped geothermal resource waiting to provide your data center with clean, baseload renewable energy.


 Renewable Energy Production           Low Congestion Fiber Connectivity Map



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