USDA 502 Direct Home Loans

USDA 502 Direct Loan Program

USDA Rural Development has a home loan program called the 502 Direct Loan, which assists very-low to low-income families with purchasing and improving homes in rural areas such as the Imperial Valley. In order to apply for the 502 Direct Loan Program, applicants must be:
  • First-time home buyers OR not have owned a home in 3 years
  • Looking for a primary residence
  • Citizens and U.S. residents

If you have had trouble qualifying for other loans, this program might be right for you. 

Imperial Regional Alliance (IRA) is a certified packager for USDA Rural Development. If you woud like to apply for this program, please contact IRA directly to work with a packager.

Benefits of working with a packager:
  • Facilitated & expedited application and approval process
  • Questions about the program
  • Application assistance
  • Eligibility 
  • Pre-qualification & more

Call our office at 760.353.8332 to schedule an appointment and apply today.




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