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IV SBDC hosts fair for small business entrepreneurs

News | May 21, 2018

The Imperial Valley Small Business Development Center held  a fair for those in the valley who wanted to begin their own businesses with the chance to find out what it took for it to get off the ground.

Meredith Garcia the director of the IV Small Business Development Center said they want to guide and mentor entrepreneurs in the right direction. "What we're building, we're building a sustainable model for helping out the business owner or anyone that is having an idea. And is looking for a successful path through the entrepreneurship."

The fair allows potential business owners, the chance to find the answers to their questions in one place.
"So those collaborations, those connections, in just one room is very valuable. It means instead of going to a different offices, you have it at just one event. And that's one of the goals from the small business development center."

With unemployment in the valley still at a high level, residents have begun creating their own jobs. "There is a lot of opportunities out there. And people are starting to engage to all these resources. To take advantage and create their own jobs."

Garcia believes that the trend of small businesses will continue to rise in the Imperial Valley. read more


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