The Imperial Irrigation District is the local energy supplier in the Imperial County and is the sixth largest utility in the State of California. IID Energy works to meet customers’ demand at the best possible rates. Nearly 60% of their power is supplied locally using hydroelectric facilities, a steam generating facility, several gas turbines and a diesel unit.                                  



Service Area

Economic Development Rate

Peak Load:                                         

993.0 Megawatts

6,471 sq. mi. with current customer base of 140,000

$20/KW demand and $0.02/KWh (based on load factor)

IID-Owned Resource (60%):  

655 Megawatts



Firm Power Purchases (40%):

525 Megawatts



Total From All Sources:

1180 Megawatts



Natural Gas

• Southern California Gas Company serves the Imperial County with natural gas and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Southern California Gas Company is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy and is the largest natural gas utility in the nation.

• Southern California Gas Company delivers natural gas via twin ten-inch lines which generally run south through the county in Range 14 East.

• Liquid petroleum products are delivered to and are transported through the County via the twenty-inch Santa Fe Pacific Pipe Line.


• AT&T provides telephone service to the Imperial County. It is the largest telecommunications company in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

Imperial County

• Due to the County’s seismic conditions, the Pacific Bell telephone system is one of the most elaborate communication networks in the country. The equipment and facilities in Imperial County are earthquake resistant up to 8.0 magnitude.

High Speed Internet

High speed Internet access in Imperial County is offered by both AT&T and Time Warner. Time Warner high speed internet provides access directly over the existing cable network. AT& T has one of the worlds most advanced and powerful global backbone networks, which offers up to 99.999% availability.


• The Imperial Irrigation District owns more than 3,000 miles of canals and drains and is the largest irrigation district in the nation. IID supplies Imperial County with water for agricultural purposes, seven municipalities, one private water company, two community water systems, industrial, and rural homes and businesses.

• The Imperial County Public Works provides water to the Gateways of Americas. The water distribution lines included as part of the backbone infrastructure are sized at 18".


Allied Waste Management provides trash collection & recycling services in Imperial County. Allied Waste Management consists of a network of 304 collection companies who provide collection services to approximately 10 million customers nationwide, including industrial and commercial customers. Services include: providing customized non-hazardous solid waste disposal services for local, regional and national industrial and commercial customers across the country.

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