Workforce Development

Border Region Talent Pipeline

In 2023, IVEDC joined the K16 Collaborative with economic developers, educators and industry leaders to support innovative business and career pathways in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The Border Region Talent Pipeline will streamline equitable pathways from high school to postsecondary education and into the workforce. IVEDC is leading the postsecondary efforts to engage local industry and colleges in Imperial Valley. Our goal is to increase access to high-wage, high-demand careers for diverse and underrepresented local talent and increase mobility in Imperial Valley.

Employer Working Groups

An Employer Working Group addresses shared workforce needs among employers which aims to communicate the collective demand and strengthen the local pipeline of talent in Imperial County. The Employer Working Group will identify barriers and challenges in securing talent in the sectors of business, computing, and engineering, with additional sectors being included in future editions. Representatives from academia will be involved to learn about how they can develop curriculums commensurate to industry needs identified throughout the process. Industry representatives will stay engaged with academia to ensure that curricula stay relevant to their on-going needs.

Talent Demand Report

The Talent Demand Report is a culmination of data collected in our Employer Working Groups within the sectors of Business, Computing, and Engineering. This report does not aim to reflect the needs of all employers in Imperial County but to outline important skill requirements for talent. By sharing this information, we hope to identify a list of skills that employers agree are crucial for talent to be successful in their roles.

This year's Employer Working group, representing multiple industries, participated in a survey to share their local demand for talent. Their combined insights highlight the specific skill and qualifications needed to meet their workforce demands in Imperial County.

Summer Internships

The K16 Collaborative kicked off the first round of paid internships in summer 2023. In partnership with Imperial Valley College, IVEDC was able to successfully place 12 local students in areas of engineering and computing with local industry. The program will offer additional rounds of paid internships through 2026.

During Summer 2024, more than 12 companies are participating the K-16 Internship Program, hiring local students from Imperial Valley College and San Diego State University - Imperial Valley Campus in the fields of business, computing, and engineering.

Get Involved

There are multiple ways to join the collaborative and stay updated.

  1. We welcome local industry to participate in employer working groups in the following target industries: business, engineering, computing and more to come.

  2. We encourage local businesses to participate as worksites in future internship rounds. As a worksite, employers can host new talent while compensation, onboarding and insurance is covered by our independent employer of record.

  3. We encourage local colleges to become a Verified Program with K16 Collaborative. Students of Verified Programs will be eligible to apply for the upcoming rounds of paid internships (at $22/hour for up to 240 hours!)

  4. The K16 Collaborative also convenes Communities of Practice meetings. Learn more about ways to join and stay updated via e-newsletter: Sign Up for E-Newsletter.

For any questions about this initiative or ways to participate, contact Sean Wilcock at or call our office.

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