Business Development
A Closer Look at Our Business Development Process
Our Services
  • Site Selection

  • Entitlement Processing

  • Utility Acquisition

  • Procurement Services

  • Workforce Development

  • Economic Forecasting

  • Market Analysis

  • Local Outreach and Marketing

  • Business Needs Assessments

  • Incentive Analysis

  • Financial Options

  • Bi-National Collaboration with Mexico

Working With Us

IVEDC works closely with site selectors to understand your business needs. Our expert consultants work to initiate and expand projects and development in the religion that assure mutual benefits for our clients and the regional economy. 

Our clients are assured confidentiality. We act as a facilitator and information provider. In registering with our offices, we will work with you to accomplish your goals. 

Contact Us to Begin
Sean Wilcock
VP Business Development
(760) 353-8332
Site Selection Resources

IVEDC partners with StateBook, an online tool for site selection. View our StateBook Profile for additional site selection resources and data. Site selectors may confidentially search and compare locations by county, MSA or EDO, and create detailed reports using StateBook.  Site selectors are welcome to contact us anonymously through StateBook to request additional information or ask questions.